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Effectively prevent Wildlife Vehicle Collisions

Wildlife Vehicle Collisions?

The DD400 works like a traffic signal for animals. Wildlife will cross the road when it is safe to cross.

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Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions (WVCs) are a big challenge all over the world. There are estimated 100 Million WVCs a year. Many of them causes heavy injuries or even human losses. Annual damages are exceeding 10 billion Euros.

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Just take our DD430 units - mount and forget them. With an energy-autarc green power supply the devices keeps on and on - preventing many tragedies and losses

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With an average prevention rate of 85% the effectiveness of the system is uncomparable. In any situation where there are troubles with accidents - get in contact with us and GIVE IT A TRY

The DD400 family

the ideal device to prevent deer-vehicle collisions

Our Technology
Your Advantage!

The DD400-System is maintenance free. There is no need of replacing batteries. Its self-sustaining solar power supply and its ultra-low-energy consumption facilitates endurance over several months, even under bad weather conditions in a dark environment.
To counteract thefts, a patented anti-theft alarm is implemented in out DD430 and DD450. All products are covered by a 2-years warranty (optional 3-years).




Headlight detection - Vehicle detection range up to 300m (1,000 ft.)

Daylight sensor - Deactivates the device during times where collisions are unlikely

Temperature sensor


Animal Alerts - Multiple opto - acoustic alerts to address a wide range of wildlife

Optical alerts - Flashing, highly visible, LEDs with special optics visible to deer, small animals, and even birds

Acoustical alert - Configurable warning sounds for different animals- high frequency sound for populated areas


Autonomic “green” power supply - solar cells optimized for low light conditions and Lithium polymer rechargeable battery

Special charging control and ultra-low power management

Operation time unlimited

Battery retention time without sunlight up to 9 months full Operation

Improved ruggedness - Design life: 5 years