Wildlife Collisions?

Our smart solution!

Discover our solution to prevent WVC collisions. Our proven DD4xx family allows a reduction of WVC collisions up to 85%.
Due to our advanced technology adaptions to different animal species and surroundings can be made easily.

Easy installation on existing infrastructure

Setting up a track is easily done. Take the DD4xx devices and mount them on existing poles. If there is no existing infrastructure, poles and mounting aids can be ordered along with the DD4xx devices.

Low cost and effort for maintenance

The DD4xx family is designed to work throughout the entire year without the need for maintenance. The combination of solar cell and optimal power design enables self-sustaining operation through all seasons.

High efficiency through advanced technology

Due to our advanced technology it is possible to adopt the DD4xx according to environment and animal population. Combined with its self-sustaining operation the DD4xx family offers high prevention of WVC accidents throughout all seasons.

DD4xx family

The ideal device to prevent deer-vehicle collisions

Low cost
Low cost per device compared to any other DVC system
Lowest maintenance costs

Improved function
Improved reliability and ruggedness
Improved operating time and sensor performance
Extended vehicle sensor range and remote triggering
Easy deployment

Easy maintenance
No maintenance costs
Autonomic “green” power supply
ultra-low power management
unlimited operation time

Improved sensors
Vehicle detection range up to 300m
Multiple opto - acoustic alerts
ultra-low power management
unlimited operation time

Discover our unique product

Wildlife is a huge and widely underestimated challenge to traffic safety. Every year there are 300,000 reported (estimated 1.5 million) wildlife-vehicle collisions (WVC) in the USA. According to the “Wildlife Vehicle Collision Reduction Study - Report to Congress” (FHA, August 2007), the annual damage was estimated to be USD 8.4 billion. Similar figures in Europe. Current measures to prevent wildlife related accidents are either quite expensive (like fencing) or not efficient enough.

The DD400 series offers cable free easy installation through the use of a totally autonomous solar power supply. It is mounted along the road on existing road pillars.
The DD4x0 is activated by the internal daylight sensor just before dusk, works throughout the night and until just after dawn. The flashing lights of the warning sequence are intended to capture the attention of the animals while the acoustic sound makes the animals feel uncomfortable and stop and leave the roadside area.

With its very high prevention rate and low setup costs the effectiveness of the system is incomparable.
The iPTE protection system "DeerDeter" is developed according latest research results and has built-in optical and acoustical deterrent functions. A 5 year official field test conducted in Upper Austria documented a significant drop in WVCs and increased driver security, especially at high-risk sections. The number of traffic accidents decreased by approximately 85% at sections equipped with iPTEs DeerDeter.